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White label CTV advertising DSP that can become yours within three days
White-label CTV Advertising solution

White-label CTV Advertising solution

Take advantage of a 100% customizable white-label solution with advanced features like footfall attribution, geofencing, first- and third-party audiences and over 1.2 million not only CTV, but also DOOH, Audio, Web, and In-App publishers.

Advanced Media Planner

Advanced Media Planner

Utilize our Media Planner to visualize your potential audience size and anticipate the number of impressions you can expect prior to initiating your white label ott advertising campaign.

Primary and external audience data

Primary and external audience data

Minimize the time required to reach your most valuable clientele, expand your outreach to potential customer groups, and optimize your advertising budget effectively across multiple channels.

Fraud shield

Fraud shield

BidMind employs a robust anti-fraud protection system, utilizing the capabilities of Pixalate and Double Verify to safeguard your advertising budget.

Omnichannel approach

Omnichannel approach

Elevate your advertising to a higher standard with BidMind platform, which leverages an omnichannel strategy to facilitate precise OTT targeting and retargeting on the primary digital channels.

No extra charges

No extra charges

The BidMind platform does not involve any extra or concealed charges. You will only be billed as per your initial agreement.

Benefits of BidMind OTT Advertising

Avoid development costs

Cut your development costs by receiving a fully developed, tailored platform at no charge, rather than starting from square one.

Premium-level support

Access timely support for data, inventory, anti-fraud measures, and more, all included in the package at no extra cost.

Take charge completely

Establish a personalized commission structure, control access to different platform sections, and enjoy real-time report access.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For marketing agencies and ad tech vendors, owning a white label ott advertising DSP provides various advantages. To start, it turns your company into a comprehensive solution, enabling you to execute clients' campaigns on your platform. Secondly, you can decide whether to keep helping clients manage their campaigns or enable them to take control themselves. Lastly, you can create your commission system, leading to extra revenue opportunities.
In contrast to alternative white label ctv advertising DSP options, BidMind has pre-existing partnerships with more than 1.2 million publishers, enabling your advertisers to initiate their campaigns immediately upon completing the integration process.
The platform will include your preferred web address, logo, and user interface color scheme. Additionally, we are open to incorporating specific features based on your requirements.
We do not charge any fees for the Standard plan. There is a $1,000 one-time fee for the Lite plan.
Our white-label DSP solution is entirely adaptable to your unique needs, providing you with the freedom to oversee user management, commission adjustments, and the inclusion of your own white-label buyers and their advertisers. Your assigned manager will provide ongoing assistance, and our team of developers can build custom features that cater to your specific requirements.
We offer a range of top market features, including but not limited to first- and third-party audience targeting, geofencing, footfall attribution, dayparting, publisher whitelisting and blacklisting, a media planning tool, and custom reporting.
Certainly. Your advertisers will have access to your sign-up page, where they can register themselves without needing your assistance. They will also have access to the balance page, enabling them to independently top up their balance using their credit cards. This service is facilitated through Stripe. Additionally, you have the flexibility to control their access to various parts of the platform, allowing you to grant them more or less independence as needed.

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Case study

Enhancing digital advertising efforts
with BidMind’s GeoNow feature

Our white-label ad platform helped a partner increase the effectiveness of media buying through our targeting features.

Streamlining Digital Advertising With BidMind White-Label Solution

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