White Label DSP

Create own demand side platform for your programmatic business.

Connect to available trusted SSPs or enable the integration of additional exchanges.

Set your programmatic rules to launch optimization campaigns through your own platform.

Stop paying to middlemen and take full control over your white label advertising platform.

White Label Customization

We do offer a white label version of our advertising platform, it's similar to the self-serve version but branded as your own DSP. We offer custom domain, logo, and colouring on the platform.

Real-time analytics

Track and record data about the ad effectiveness in terms of impressions, clicks, CTR, conversions, spends, etc.

Global reach

Get access to trusted SSPs, publishers which support OpenRTB protocol to purchase ad space with lower prices, but higher value.

Precise targeting

Target your audience by exact location, device, day and time, interests and demographics.

Traffic Safety

Ensure a fraud-free environment from our partners Pixalate and Doubleverify.

Data Marketplace

Get access to premium audience segments from first-party and third-party sources.

Ad Format Variety

Banners, videos, native and audio formats are customizable for connected TV, mobile, desktop, and in-app campaigns.

You have access to 24/7 white label ad server platform support from our ad operations team.

White Label DSP Solution Support

Benefits of Using a White-Labeled DSP

A Cost-effective Solution

A white-labeled solution is a relatively economical solution as compared to building your platform yourself which would involve maintenance fees, technology development, salaries and so much more.

Brand Safety

Ensure a fraud-free environment from our partners Pixalate and Doubleverify.

Full Control

You can get access to transparent analysis and real-time reports which ensures full control over the campaigns which can be optimized as and when required.

Advanced Targeting

Address your audience by exact location, devices, day and time, interests and demographics.

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  • Demographic

  • Geo Targeting

  • Day parting

  • Whitelist/Blacklist

  • Category Targeting

  • Device OS Browser

  • Carrier targeting

  • Frequency Capping

  • IP Retargeting

  • Behavior

White label programmatic DSP set up fees are waived as long as you commit to $4000 in spend. Minimum spend after this is only $1000 per month.

Low Setup Fee

Buy traffic without paying middlemen tomorrow