White Label Advertising Platform

A potential game changer for your advertising business. Clients can be running campaigns on your branded software within three days.

You’re ready to have your own ad platform if:

You have a good number of clients

Manage your clients' campaigns in one platform with the opportunity to employ different advertising channels.

You want to scale your business

Your own branded platform can be a turnkey solution to help grow your company.

Advertising platform to call your own. All you can get under your brand:


Sophisticated Media Planner

Our forecasting dashboard helps make informed decisions based on real-time analysis of 10+ billion ad requests per day.

Data driven & cross-device targeting

Data-driven & cross-device targeting

BidMind as a multifunctional tool that helps choose the best settings available on the market. Utilize advanced targeting options with an easy-to-use tool set.

Fraud shield

Fraud shield

All data and inventory is verified by proprietary algorithms combined with trusted partner solutions - including Pixalate and DoubleVerify.

Advanced reporting


Customize reports easily and track the growth of your business.

BidMind white label advertising platform benefits

Save on development

A more economical and efficient approach compared to creating a platform from scratch.

The deal includes premium-level support

Access to data, inventory, fraud-protection solutions, and services from third-party providers at no additional cost.

Get full control

Access to real-time reports.

Interested in the white label solution?

Case studies

Enhancing digital advertising efforts
with BidMind’s GeoNow feature

Our white label ad platform helped a partner increase the effectiveness of media buying through our targeting features. Due to the seasonal nature of the client’s business, their ad volume may vary from month to month.

Audio advertising agency becomes
a standalone platform

Our client needed competitive media buying software. This required a significant investment in time and development. Therefore, a white label solution, ready in just two weeks, saved the day. Advertisers ran independent campaigns using customer resources and Open Exchange.

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