Video Advertising

Digital videos allow you to engage with your audience in an instant.

Programmatically video inventory brings benefits in terms of transparency of targeting, efficiency of automation, and scalability and allows for the leverage of rich data sources.

Programmatic Video Inventory

Why use Video?

Video advertising solution allows brands to send the messages to audiences across all devices and video ad formats in premium and fraud-free environments.

  • Entertaining and engaging
  • High conversion rate
  • Suitable to a variety of businesses
  • High quality requirements

Mobile Video

Mobile in-banner ads in video programmatic advertising is the best way to target your audience when they are ready to engage, and works very well when paired with video, native and other channels. Mobile applications don't have cookies, but there are device IDs and major operating systems such as iOS and Android have created unique but anonymous identifiers, IDFA and ADID that simplify data matching.

Over-the-Top Video

Brands with advanced digital strategies are adopting OTT advertising as part of their performance mix because the future of TV is becoming more digital and data-driven. Select OTT video as a full-funnel performance channel that increase your brand awerness,engage more customers.

Desktop Video

Programmatic DSP tools within desktop video continue to advance performance goals, especially around viewability. Targeting on desktop video is fully automated via cookie technology. The desktop video data-driven insights help advertisers target and engage audiences more effectively.

How advertisers can use Video ads


Monitor the estimated volume of available traffic and minimal price of various types of video advertising to forecast the approximate results of your ad campaign with Forecast Report.

Audience Targeting

Advertisers have access to a rich combination of first and third party data targeting that can enable them to build audiences and reach relevant viewers with in-app video ads, web, and CTV.


Programmatic buying allows advertisers every piece of data about every impression bought video ad types across all media channels or devices.

Brand Safety

Our Pixalate and DoubleVerify partners mitigate risk exposure with accredited anti-fraud solutions and block fraudulent traffic. Its comprehensive post-bid coverage drives the efficiency of campaign performance.

Serving CTV inventory ads to various devices allows you to extend your reach and amplify your message across the customer journey.


  1. Your viewer watched an ad on CTV.
  2. The user visits your site on his laptop within his household.
  3. The user converts on the phone.
  4. The user purchased your product.

Cross-device Targeting

Video Ad Formats

Offer viewers short, memorable ad messages at different stages of viewing, depending on your goals

In-Stream video Ads

  • Pre-roll
  • Mid-roll
  • Post-roll
  • Pause-roll

Outstream Mobile Video Ads

  • Native Video Ad
  • Video Interstitial ad
  • Rewarded Video Ads

Smart TV

Game console