Premium analytics and audience data marketplace

Are you looking for ways to develop and reach new audiences with programmatic advertising? We offer tons of pre-built user segments to empower your campaigns.

How to use a data marketplace platform?

Interests and lifestyle

Interests and lifestyle

Are your clients male and in a relationship? Do they live in Chicago? Have they recently adopted a dog? What is the price they are ready to pay for your goods or services? We have everyting covered in our datasets.

Business parameters

Business parameters

We have enough data about people's preferences and professional skills to help you achieve your goals.



Communicate your business to people all over the world using a single audience data marketplace platform.

Data on demand

Data on demand

If you want to target a niche audience, we will create a new premium segment for you in no time according to your needs.

Build an omnichannel strategy

Find your offline clients online

Upload the data of your offline customers so that the smart algorithm analyzes and finds this audience for your marketing purposes.

Use for retarget in diversified channels

Adapt your targeting settings based on the specifics of your advertising channel.

Achieve and cover new customer bases

Ready-made third party audience segments allow you to very narrowly cover a specific audience that is difficult to find in other ways.

Data providers

Live Ramp

LiveRamp is a special platform that allows creating, configuring, and supporting a unified view of your clients. It’s a secure and efficient way to reach your goals.

Adstra Data

AdstraData is a data-centric and digital marketing company that provides identity management, data integration, and data solution services.

Tru Audience

TruAudience by TransUnion is a 3rd party data marketplace. This solution allows marketing specialists and content developers to analyze the behavior of over eighty million households that possess at least one smart television.

Cuebiq Audiences

Cuebiq Audiences enable you to target more effective segments based on offline consumer behaviors and visitation trends — basically, where people spend time in the physical world.

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