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BidMind's third-party open data marketplace gives data buyers access to thousands of the highest quality audience segments in the world, including LiveRamp, Adstra, TruAudience by TransUnion data. Request over 50,000 premium third-party data segments.

What is Data

BidMind’s Data marketplace is a store of ready-made audience segments to reach target groups in programmatic advertising.

Data marketplace helps to buy ready-made segments that you can reach all around the globe with highly personalized ads. This transfers to increase your customer base and brand revenue.

Data Providers

LiveRamp is the leading data connectivity platform for the safe and effective use of data.

Adstra is a data-centric and digital marketing company that provides identity management, data integration and data solution services.

TruAudience by TransUnion is a data marketplace and management platform that includes the behavior of more than 80 million homes on connected TV and streaming audio.

The price of 3rd party segments depends on the type of segment and data provider. The price ranges from 1$ to $3 for standard segments. If you are looking for special segments, the price can reach.

Available segments

Сhoose from thousands of custom segments of data providers that meet your goals on the BidMind business data marketplace, for example, women, aged 27-39, interested in fashion, who are currently in NewYork.

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