Targeting options

Identify your ideal customer using advanced targeting options

Primary targeting parameters

Channel type

Channel type

Broadcast messages through your desired digital channel – CTV/OTT, digital audio, web, in-app or digital out-of-home spaces.

Device type and manufacturer

Device type and manufacturer

Target and adapt ads for different devices: screen size, manufacturer, model.

Location (IP, Country, Region, Postal code)

Geo (IP, country, region, postal code)

Apply geotargeting and show the ads only to those who are interested in them.

Channel categories

Channel categories

Choose from different CTV content categories, domains, DOOH venue types, or audio content genres to create the best ad experience.



Want to show your ads only on certain apps or websites? It’s possible with our whitelisting options.

Packages & deals

Packages & deals

Specially curated traffic segments for events and holidays.

Advanced targeting parameters

Operating system and min version

Only show your app to those who can install it.


Speak the same language as your customer.


Send special offers to your customers when they are near specified locations.

Day and time

Spend money on advertising when your customers need it. For example, double down on holidays and weekends.

Connection type

Make ads available only to people with a stable internet connection.


Upload your customers' 1st party data to remind them of your offer.

Take advantage of ready-made audience segments.