Reach new clients with omnichannel campaigns

Grow your customer base with omnichannel campaigns.
Extend your reach with BidMind’s programmatic advertising platform, available as a self-service, managed service, and a white label solution.
  • Predict your campaign's potential reach with BidMind’s Media Planner

  • Combine first and third-party data to increase audience exposure without compromising on relevance

  • Measure ROAS and other performance indicators with our Footfall Attribution Solution

  • Adjust the campaign on the go to make every advertising dollar count

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    Programmatic advertising channels

    • CTV/OTT

      Connected TV (CTV) is a tested advertising channel that can give your business the exposure it needs.

    • DOOH

      Digital Audio advertising creates an emotional response and is a cornerstone in most successful campaigns.

    • Mobile

      Digital out-of-home (DOOH) is a great way to build brand traction and credibility.

    • Digital Audio

      Desktop/Mobile provides reach with a fraction of the cost of other traditional advertising means.

    Automotive campaign with measured footfall increase

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    Omnichannel campaign case study

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    BidMind data & audiences deck

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