Self-service Advertising Platform

Launch, control, and optimize ad campaigns by yourself with no minimum budget

Benefits of BidMind self-service

Precise forecasting

Media Planner for precise forecasting

Calculate the potential reach before running a campaign. Apply targeting parameters and get the potential reach and impressions calculated by cutting-edge analytical algorithms.

Basic & advanced target flow

Multilayered targeting setup

Make great use of our diverse inventory packages, targeting clients by a digital channel, a platform, a location or geofencing, a content type as well as the 1st party audience and the 3rd party audience segments.

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Informative dashboard and reporting

Informative dashboard and reporting

Have your finger on the pulse with campaign indicators in real-time. Customize your dashboard the way you want, to keep track of the metrics you need most. Download full reports at any time.

Run your ads on your own on all available channels

Who will find the self-service platform the most useful?



The BidMind self-service demand side platform allows you to manage advertising campaigns for multiple clients.



Experiment with different audiences, channels, and formats. Forecast, execute, and compare campaigns using a single platform.

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