Self service DSP

Fully automated best self serve DSP workflow allows you to launch ad campaigns independently.

Why use
Bidmind DSP?

Self-serve DSPs allow you to run digital advertising campaigns in-house. These are better suited for companies or agencies who want more control and transparency and for smaller budgets.

Agencies, brands, and media buyers have full control of their ad campaigns via BidMind's self-serve DSP.

We guarantee self-service customers that your ad placement workflow will be exceptional.

Realtime Bidding Technology

Participate in an auction, access data and brand safety tools to optimize bidding and targeting with the ability to access 66M impressions daily and reach users globally.


Monitor the estimated volume of available traffic and its minimal price to forecast the approximate results of your ad campaign with Forecast Report.


Address users across all devices and use geofencing on any ad channels from connected TV and in-app to web and audio.


BidMind DSP’s in-house creative team can create and/or optimize your stock assets, at no additional charge when running a campaign with us.


Advertise with the most affordable, consistent, and transparent pricing model based on cost-per-thousand-impressions that lets you pay for viewable impressions.


Mitigate risk exposure with accredited anti-fraud solutions and block fraudulent Bidmind DSP traffic.


Discover exhaustive the real-time information of ad campaigns to boost performance on a self-serve dsp.

Data Curation Platform

Our third-party data partners give data buyers access to thousands of the highest quality audience segments in the world.

The Benefit of Self-Serve DSPs for Agencies

User-Friendly Interface

The Self Serve DSP is an intuitive and easy to use platform to create and optimize campaigns quickly and effectively. You will have easy access to a support team that will answer any questions you may have.

Media-buying UI

A diverse inventory with numerous SSPs and premium publishers through a single interface.

Real Time Reporting

Uncover extensive real time insights of your ad campaigns to help optimize performance via Bidmind's DSP.


The BidMind DSP uses machine learning and artificial intelligence that allows you to optimize your campaigns and drive your business results.

Brand Safety

Pixalate's post-bid blocking technology prevents IVT/SIVT (Invalid Traffic) across CTV,video, display, and in-app. DoubleVerify's comprehensive post-bid coverage to drive the efficiency of campaign performance.


BidMind's reporting and external management APIs provide full control of your programmatic buys through general bidder functionality with no need to access the User Interface.

You can put the Bidmind DSP managed team to outsource media buying, optimize and monitor campaign results.

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