Streamlining digital advertising with BidMind white label solution

About Hyloq

As a true-scope programmatic geofencing platform, Hyloq aids its customers in running ad campaigns for hyperlocal marketing. Hyloq’s advertising clients are service-based companies, e.g. credit unions, software enterprises, home inspectors, etc.

Digital advertising is a key part of Hyloq clients’ marketing mix. With the ability to measure results, conduct A/B testing, and make real-time changes, Hyloq empowers its clients to gain the edge over their competitors.


Improving the customer experience by streamlining the buying process for programmatic advertising campaigns and enabling advanced geofencing options. Hyloq decided to launch their own platform with minimal investment.


  • Launching a custom advertising platform with a branded UI.
  • Providing clients with the ability to launch Geofenced campaigns with custom data and inventory providers.
  • Ensuring a brand-safe environment for the clients.

Hyloq launched BidMind White Label advertising platform, which allowed the company to avoid developing the technology from scratch, and saved months of development and also other resources. Before switching to the white label platform, the Hyloq team had conducted successful media buying activities with BidMind. This allowed using premium inventory, data providers, reporting & forecasting capabilities.

While the development of a media buying platform from the ground up would take months and significant investment, switching to the custom solution took a few work hours for QA testing and one week overall.


  • With BidMind white-label solution, Hyloq was able to focus efforts on providing expert help to its clients.
  • After the transition, the Hyloq clients gained access to a plethora of new features and advantages, such GeoNow, advanced reporting, forecasting, etc.
  • BidMind-powered custom media buying technology helps Hyloq sustain a fair pricing model based on the customer ad spend.

Due to the seasonal nature of some of the Hyloq’s customers, ad volume may vary from month to month. BidMind-powered custom ad buying technology helps the company to keep spending congruent with earnings.

You can learn more about Hyloq’s transition to the BidMind white label media buying solution in an interview with the company CEO Jason Stanard here.