Revamped reporting: BidMind Christmas Platform Update

Hey there! For your convenience, the BidMind team has updated their reporting tools with a bunch of time-saving features: 

  • New Dimensions. This feature allows users to quickly select relevant entries for their performance report. The list is grouped by the type of data points available: creative, inventory, geography, device, audience, publisher, etc. Simply select dimensions from a pop-up list or use a search bar, the preferred entries will appear as columns in your report. From there users can move columns either direction or hide them from the list by using simple controls.
  • New Metrics. We’ve added a number of new metrics our clients called for and grouped them by acquisition, cost, profit, revenue, acquisition cost, and performance. All metrics are now explained with improved tooltips.
  • Templates, scheduling, and file export. Now you can save your preferred entries without having to re-select them each iteration, schedule automatic reporting, or export a report as a CSV/XLSX file. 

Here’s how it works. Let’s say a user needs to define top 10 performing publishers in terms of the total number of clicks, impressions, and installs. For that one only needs to select ‘Campaign’ and ‘Publisher’ in the Dimensions field, and then ‘Clicks’, ‘Impressions’, and ‘Installs’ in the Metrics field.

Just press the ‘Sort from high to low’ pictogram next to each metric to see your top performing publishers.

We hope these updates will serve their purpose and simplify your campaign management. If you have further questions regarding the functionality, please feel free to contact our support team or schedule a demo.

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