Multichannel Programmatic Campaign to Promote Tourism

BidMind has launched a campaign to attract more domestic tourists to visit a destination in the northern US.  

One of our clients wanted to attract non-resident visitors to a particular destination and increase awareness while showcasing outdoor adventure, history, and culture, as well as city/urban offerings. The main goal was to develop a multichannel digital offering to reach a wider audience and target younger domestic travelers.


As modern tourists rely more on digital services to plan, research, and book their vacations, being present in these channels is critical. The primary objective was to target college graduates keen on the outdoors and aged 18-45 in the South and Southwest with an income of $50k+. 

The client wanted to expand into additional marketing channels beyond local linear television. The campaign goals and its success measurement criteria included:

  • An increase in online bookings of local hotels
  • A rise in foot traffic to local attractions 
  • Growth in brand awareness among new audiences


The overall idea was to implement a highly targeted and measured digital approach to use in conjunction with linear television.

The biggest challenge for the campaign was to appeal to millennial and Gen Z digital audiences.  We calculated the incremental reach of the campaign to see the effectiveness of digital ads and compared it to traditional advertising to calculate the campaign’s impact. 


Working with data providers, we created custom audience segments and identified domestic travelers aiming to visit the region in the summer of 2022. We aimed at drive markets, major urban centers, and specific South and Southwest geos. Audience segmentation and traveling habits helped BidMind to serve more personalized ads. We also launched retargeting across all campaign channels in order to increase the conversion of website traffic into bookings. 

The bulk of the campaign was launched on CTV/OTT channels that included ad-supported services like Hulu, Pluto TV, and Discovery +, followed by digital audio, DOOH, and in-app advertising campaigns. 

With the metrics gathered, we could track the following data:

  • Website visit numbers 
  • Visit rate
  • Number of Impressions
  • Number of devices reached
  • Impressions per incremental visit
  • Uplift benchmark comparison



Rise in online bookings


Website visitors up

Engaging the combined efficacy of CTV/OTT, digital audio, and in-app channels in a programmatic campaign, BidMind was able to implement data-driven insights and technological targeting solutions to demonstrate the potential of programmatic advertising. Download the complete case study to see the results.

  • The campaign brought a significant increase in website traffic of up to 65% and a 27.2%  rise in online bookings during the summer months. 
  • Out of over 350,000 unique devices reached, 2.1% converted. 
  • The campaign increased website page visits by 8,000 per month, with 148 online bookings per week.
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