Multichannel Programmatic Campaign to Promote a Premium EV Car Model

An import partnered with BidMind to promote their new EV vehicle through an omnichannel ad campaign. With BidMind’s proprietary technology and data, we were able to reach a qualified audience with higher purchase potential and raise awareness around the launch.


Brand Awareness Lift


Monthly Website Visits

+15 Sec

Average Website Visit Time


Client wanted to increase awareness around the new electric model, drive traffic to the website, and boost visits to the test drive booking page and vehicle catalog download page. It was also important for the brand to launch non-intrusive ad formats that respected the  user’s online experience. The bulk of the campaign was built with Connected TV and a click-to-skip video experience on desktop browsers. Beyond the completion rates, the client wanted to test the impact of non-intrusive video formats on their website performance and brand awareness.


The campaign’s core audience was male college graduates aged 30-55 with an annual income of $80K+, environmentally conscious, interested in electric vehicles, and living in urban areas of California.

Step 1. Amplifying ads that included positive reviews of the vehicle model and utilizing BidMind’s premium publisher network allowed BidMind to engage with relevant audiences on CTV and desktop web.

Step 2. Highly-engaged audience segments were built based on customers that had viewed the ads. 

Step 3. The highlighted segments were retargeted to drive more conversions and visits to the brand ́s website to schedule a test drive.

Step 4. A study conducted by the brand’s marketing department measured the perception of the brand and purchase intent KPIs among separate audience groups of consumers who interacted with the ads versus consumers that were not exposed to the ads.


The study clearly showed a 17.6% increase in brand awareness for the group engaged with the campaign. The opt-in click-to-skip video experience also delivered better spontaneous recommendation rates of +15%, according to the survey conducted by the client.

“We were impressed with the results achieved through this ad campaign. BidMind’s premium CTV publishers helped us increase awareness of our new EV model and make improvements in terms of propensity to buy.” – brand representative.

The ad campaign also contributed to a +15 second average website visit increase with a 28% lower bounce rate. The additional 22K average monthly website visitors led to a 23% increase in test-drive bookings as reported by the client.

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