Introducing BidMind campaign dashboard update

In a recent platform update, BidMind introduced a brand-new campaign dashboard with improved features.

Here is a list of added features: 

  • Campaign dashboard widget. The main campaign dashboard will now display five primary metrics per your selection. There are currently 26 available metrics to choose from.

  • Campaign performance comparison. A convenient way to compare multiple campaigns by overlapping metrics graphs to spot correlations between their effectiveness. Benchmark time periods of a chosen campaign. 

  • New performance graphs. The graph widget illustrates live campaign performance within selected metrics. To compare two, three or more performance metrics of our recent campaign, choose the respective metrics from the “Compare with” dropdown list. Users can also add data from other campaigns. All data benchmarks will be visualized in different colors for visual comfort. Performance metrics examples: Impressions count, CTV, and Reach on the graph.

The new features will help with your campaigns management and help create better reports. For additional questions, please contact our support team or schedule a demo.

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Start advertising now with BidMind

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