How to launch ad campaigns on BidMind in just a few clicks 

BidMind Campaign Wizard is an easy-to-understand and start-using tool which helps set up media campaigns within minutes. With BidMind Campaign Wizard, marketers can launch hyper-targeted digital campaigns with premium inventory deals.

What’s in it? 

  • Automatic bidding (our recommended price based on historical data and publishers requirements) or your CPM bid price to buy traffic on programmatic auction, select total or daily budget by selected period. 
  • Wide range of ad creatives with preview and quick deployment functions: Display, Native, Video, Audio.
  • Day and time selection range.
  • Various targeting options are carried over from the Media Planner selection screen: digital channel, geographic preferences up to zip codes, category/genre, publishers, deals etc.

How to use BidMind Campaign Wizard

  1. Select a channel in the Media Planner tab and pick out the geographic preferences and other details. You’ll see an approximate reach for this campaign in the top right corner. Proceed with choosing an ad destination filtered either by Categories/Genres, Publishers, or Media Packages available. You can read more about BidMind’s media planner here.

  1. Press the ‘Launch Campaign’ button:  
  1. Now you can use the Campaign Wizard to select an advertiser from the list or create a new one. When creating a new one, you can add IAB categories and the website link before pressing ‘Submit’:

  1. Enter a campaign name and upload your creative in the required format:

  1. Next up, if necessary, adjust date and time range preferences, set up budget parameters and hit the ‘Submit’ button:

Those who wish to utilize advanced settings outside the Campaign Wizard may do so. BidMind is focused on adding advanced flow functionality to the self-serve platform and making ad campaign creation as easy as possible.

If you’d like to know more about the tool and learn about our offers, feel free to schedule a demo with our sales team. 

Start advertising now with BidMind

Start advertising now with BidMind

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