Driving Foot Traffic And Sales For A Quick Serve Restaurants Chain Through An Omnichannel Campaign

A national chain of quick-serve restaurants (QSR) aimed to launch a new product as well as to increase its foot traffic and overall sales. The company decided to launch a campaign focused on driving in-store visits and boosting revenue by targeting potential customers through a combination of first-party and third-party data.


Increase in foot traffic


Uplift In sales


  • Support the launch of a new product
  • Increase foot traffic to the QSR chain locations
  • Boost sales


  • Determining the true incremental impact on foot traffic using internal and partner solutions for footfall attribution to quantify the campaign’s impact on sales
  • Identification of relevant audience segments. Using extensive research and analysis, and collaboration with BidMind’s data partners to select from existing segments and create new ones


Working closely with the QSR chain’s marketing team, BidMind devised a data-driven strategy that engaged digital out-of-home (DOOH), Connected TV (CTV), and digital audio advertising channels. The strategy was to:

  1. Use audience segmentation based on factors such as age, gender, income, and eating habits. This allowed the brand to serve personalized ads and drive a higher level of engagement.
  2. With BidMind’s GeoNow geofencing solution, the campaign used real-time location data to target potential customers within a certain radius of target  locations. This approach aimed to capture those customers who were most likely to visit a nearby restaurant.
  3. The campaign was deployed across multiple channels, including DOOH, CTV, and digital audio, to maximize reach and frequency, ensuring that the message was consistent.
  4. BidMind closely monitored campaign performance using real-time analytic tools for ongoing optimization.


By addressing the anticipated challenges and implementing a data-driven strategy across multiple channels, the campaign demonstrated the effectiveness of programmatic advertising in achieving tangible business results of 17.5% increase in attributed foot traffic and 19% uplift in sales during the campaign.

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