BidMind’s Launching GeoNow with Improved Geofencing Feature

At BidMind we’re always looking to provide the best tools possible to our customers no matter where in the world they may be living, or whatever industry they may be working in. With that being said, we’ve got some great news for our loyal customers; BidMind is pleased to announce that we’re launching a new and improved geofencing feature called GeoNow.

GeoNow is a powerful advertising tool for in-app, web, and connected television (CTV) ad environments that can provide high-quality assistance to physical retail and service locations struggling to make the most of limited foot traffic during the pandemic. What makes GeoNow stand out is that it provides users with the option of running geofencing on multiple platforms simultaneously. Thanks to the tool, businesses can make the most of their marketing budgets, and advertisers have the power to directly connect customers with businesses whenever they are near one another.

Geofencing might be an unfamiliar technology to some, and if you’re wondering about whether or not it can add value to your business, wonder no more. Geofencing allows you to target goods and services to individuals located near your store with hyper-specifical queries. It also opens new avenues for local stores and businesses to set up multi-level campaigns to improve engagement between them and their potential customers. You can then collect data about these customers, like demographics, time spent in-store, and others, to exponentially improve your targeting.

Geofencing achieves this by triggering actions on eligible smart devices when they fall within a defined geographic radius. GeoNow enables advertisers to deliver audio, in-app, CTV, and web ads upon prompting by its geofencing technology. By making use of radio frequency identification (RFID), Wi-Fi, GPS, or cellular data, geofencing sets up a zone around a predetermined point on a map, and if a target customer enters that zone, a specific action will occur. This makes it a highly effective marketing tool, one which we’re sure you will find to be extremely useful.

What makes our tool unique is that it can run simultaneously in audio, CTV, in-app, and on the web, something that you’re not going to find in other tools on the market. GeoNow is designed specifically with brands and businesses focused on their local community in mind, as they have a specific need to process high-quality targeting to people living in a defined area. Thanks to GeoNow you’ll be able to better engage with audiences and build loyalty even despite the cut-to-footfall traffic many companies have experienced thanks to COVID-19.

If you want to learn more about GeoNow and how geofencing can provide significant benefits to your business, feel free to contact us or try the feature yourself in the personal cabinet.

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