BidMind Media Planner Comprehensive Guide

BidMind Media Planner helps estimate ad campaigns’ reach before they are launched. 

Media Planner is a digital setup assistant, which predicts the potential outcomes based on selected audiences and other targeting parameters. The Media Planner can also be used as a measurement tool to discern the potential success of a planned campaign.

Clear-cut adjustments

Precise targeting customization is the main benefit of the Media Planner.

You can choose a channel, narrowing it down to a specific platform – for example, Roku for CTVs or Android for mobile devices. The Planner provides a selection of geolocations with lists of DMAs, regions, and cities. Additionally, you can select or upload your own choice of ZIP codes if you require this kind of targeting. The Planner allows users to choose different content types as well, from publishers to categories like “Travel” or “Entertainment.”

BidMind inventory includes a range of various platforms and publishers for media channels. You can expect to see options like Viber and Candy Crush Saga for mobile devices, as well as famous web portals like for Web advertising, and target millions of users.

Media Planner Comprehensive Guide

To use BidMind Media Planner, simply log in to your personal account.

In this guide, we will show you how to set up the necessary targeting settings and proceed to campaign creation.

  1. How to find the Media Planner

It is the second upper option in the menu, coming right after the dashboard.

  1. Choose a channel

Choose the channel you need.

  1. Narrow down the platforms

A platform menu may appear depending on the chosen channel. From here, you can further narrow down the targeted audience.

  1. Pick your Geo

From the next menu, you can choose the exact location you want to focus on with the ad campaign. As soon as the country is chosen, the region, city, and postal code fields will automatically update, showing available options. You can click “ZIP Codes” to pick your own audience based on postal codes. In addition, you can upload a list of ZIP codes instead of entering them manually if you have a .csv file. 

  1. Select Content Type

You can choose a specific advertisement field, a publisher, or a pre-selected media package. The reach is calculated based on historical data and is updated weekly.

Be careful – you can mix and match several options from one field, but entries from different content types can not be combined.

  1. Estimate your reach

The number on the right side of the screen will update with every change you make. In the end, it will show the exact number of people the campaign will reach throughout its duration. All that is left to do is proceed to the campaign creation by clicking the button just below the reach number.

The Media Planner is an exceptional option for self-serve advertising, providing an opportunity to independently plan, define the working strategy, and run the ad campaign. 

BidMind strives to provide customers with a comprehensive list of media channels to maximize diversity. You can create several ad campaigns at once, each targeting a separate channel, ensuring a greater reach and brand presence.

Check it out yourself right off the bat, or ask for managed support for more complex campaigns. If you plan to launch an especially complex campaign, we can provide managed marketing services. Contact us to set up a demo.

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