BidMind Helps Mexico Beach Residential Developer to Boost Recreational Real Estate Sales

A Mexican Resort that sells and rents holiday houses partnered with BidMind to launch an omnichannel advertising campaign in order to attract buyers and visitors from the US.


ad views delivered


leads have reached sales managers


units sold or rented


An advertising campaign that would increase the awareness of the resort while capturing new leads interested in recreational real estate.

The resort is newly opened and had previously only launched local ad campaigns so there was little historical data to work with. The main objectives also included:

  • Shape brand identity as a private but affordable beachside community. 
  • Diversify from other resort brands through unique features, facilities, and natural attractions.
  • Drive engaged leads to sales agents.


BidMind launched an initial omnichannel campaign featuring Connected TV, digital audio, digital out-of-home (DOOH), and in-app advertising. We used videos, audio ads,  and static formats. The creatives showcased available residences and invited users to visit the developer’s website. 

The initial campaign was followed by a remarketing effort. The effort targeted engaging audiences who have already interacted with ads to increase ad conversion toward lead generation. Both campaigns targeted specific audiences aged 30-55, HHI $100k+, retirees, and real estate investors.


BidMind’s omnichannel campaigns delivered the following results:

  • 310,000 ad views delivered
  • Over 250 leads have reached sales managers
  • 8 units sold or rented 
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