BidMind Empowers Cybersecurity Provider With a Highly-Targeted Digital Advertising Campaign

A software development company specializing in Cybersecurity partnered with BidMind for its digital campaign aimed at IT-sector executives and internet-based business owners. The company wanted to minimize expenses via a direct campaign that explored new lead generation opportunities and increased brand awareness. 


The three primary objectives the company desired to achieve were:

  1. Increase brand awareness
  2. Boost purchase intent
  3. Increase the number of potential clients

The company also wanted to test out various programmatic audio formats to see how it performs with its audience. For that purpose, the company needed an extra lead-generation source to add to its inbound marketing efforts. 


The advanced technological offering required a very narrow targeting approach. BidMind built user segments around the company’s first and third-party data. The core audience was C-level employees and small to medium tech business owners exploring risk management, data security, data protection, and cyber threat safety solutions for their businesses. 

The ideal customer profile included various demographic parameters such as:

  • age – 35+ 
  • education level – college graduates 
  • location – suburban neighborhoods of Massachusetts, New York, and California (through BidMind GeoNow geofencing tool)
  • Industry – fintech, IT, healthcare, e-commerce, software development

Because it was a B2B campaign, we aimed at a longer sales cycle that included multiple behavioral retargeting efforts for the same audience. For that, BidMind used the following advertising channels in the campaign:

  • CTV/OTT (with a focus on business-related programs)
  • Digital audio (podcasts and audiobooks)
  • In-app (iOS)


This campaign enabled our partners to achieve a significant return on investment of up to 32% in a 7-month advertising period and contributed to over 20% of total deals during the term. 

Banner ad performance:

216K+ impressions

0.55% CTR

1.35% engagement rate

Video ad performance:

32K+ impressions

$0.1 cost per view

95% completion rate on CTV (70% benchmark)

32% completion rate on desktop/mobile (70% benchmark)

Audio ad performance:

9.2K impressions

93% completion rate

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