Omnichannel Approach

BidMind is an omnichannel DSP that helps brands and agencies reach consumers seamlessly across all programmatic channels and devices.

Your target audience can be reached across many channels and different digital ad formats with programmatic advertising.

Manage campaigns across connected tv, audio, mobile, desktop, native and different video ad types without having to constantly switch between platforms.

Choose Channel

Performance marketing strategies rely on multiple ad formats.

CTV/OTT Channel

Target your audience wherever they are watching their favorite shows with connected tv ads.

Bring high engagement and conversion rate to your brand across live video channels.



Provide personalized mobile digital ad types to your audience, based on location, browsing, maker of the device, provider, etc.

Choose advanced targeting with audio inventory from all the brand safe audio publishers in one place.



Increase direct response, drive engagement or build awareness with native ads across mobile devices.

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