Omnichannel approach

Run campaigns across all channels that programmatic advertising allows. BidMind provides unlimited launch options through one dashboard.

Our goal is for our clients to get the best results from working through our platform. Therefore, we have implemented the perfect functionality to achieve your goals.

The best channels for any part of the decision funnel

Each channel has its own specifics, choose the ones that suit your strategy now.

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Decision

Why is omnichannel beneficial?

Omnichannel means that you gradually introduce the client to your business, without betting that this person will buy the product at the first touch. A person is not yet familiar with your product, and therefore may not trust it and may not see why its necessary or desirable.

An omnichannel strategy banks on introducing customers to your product or service multiple times, through multiple channels.In this way, you increase brand awareness and sales, leading to customer retention rates of up to 89%.