Native Ad Formats

Advertisers can promote a product without blatantly showing a banner ad advertising that product or service.

Native ads are non-intrusive in their nature. Native ad formats match the form and function of the location in which they appear, providing a more seamless, higher-quality experience for consumers.

By naturally formatting display and video ads into the surrounding content across any device native ads don’t interrupt a consumer’s online experience.

What is Native Ad

Native advertising formats are an online advertising method in which the advertiser attempts to gain attention by providing content in the context of the user's experience.

Traditional banners are displayed in universal size without regard to their surroundings like in-app native ads. Brands or agencies buy placements on publisher pages to look like they belong there.

To purchase native, you need creative elements like headlines and logos to be uploaded in order to individually so that it can assume the styling of the surrounding destination.

Attract consumers with a better experience than standard banners with native format advertising.

  • Higher brand engagement
  • Looks and functions naturally
  • More relevant ad placements

Why use Native Ads?

Particleboards purchase native advertising automation and give advertisers a lot of flexibility and transparency.

Cross device Targeting

Cross-device native advertising solutions can help you execute people-based native ad formats at scale and provide better user experiences than standard banner ads.

You can use video native ads with scored higher on entertaining and enjoyable.

If you require a customized solution for your native advertisements, BidMind DSP allows you to have custom native ads with a private deal in order to have more control over your own inventory.

We help the advertiser independently manage the multitude of targeting options, optimization opportunities, and private deals offered by a DSP that makes each native campaign truly unique.

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