Managed Service Advertising Platform

Advertise with the professional guidance of our experts. Our managed service is an ideal solution for brands that don’t have a dedicated media buying team or marketers new to programmatic advertising.

Save on payroll costs

No need for additional advertising experts: we'll set up the campaign and provide detailed reporting.

Keep up with your goals

Present your strategy to our specialists and we’ll advise you on the best campaign settings to achieve your goals.

Measure business outcomes

Get essential information anytime: access reports and focus on what matters to your business.

How to get started with a managed service DSP

Define your goals

Create an effective advertising strategy with the help of our AdOps specialists.

Get a data-driven impression forecast

Our advanced forecasting, planning, and targeting features will help fine-tune the campaign.

Track the results

Real-time optimization to ensure campaign results.

Benefits of working with BidMind managed service:

A focus on ROI increase

The omnichannel approach, wide targeting options and detailed reporting allow you to follow the customer through every step.

Data-driven & cross-device targeting

Bring your own 1st party data or combine it with tens of thousands of data segments from our data partners.

Case studies

Summer camp staff recruiting campaign

We’ve created a dedicated audience of college students and job seekers. Our client reached their HR goal.

Not everyone buys jewelry!

We built an audience of males who were married for 1-3 years. Our research showed that this audience is more likely to spend on jewelry for certain events (anniversaries, birthdays, etc.).

A search for clinical trial participants

We created an audience that meets certain age and medical requirements. With GeoNow, we were able to achieve our goals for this omnichannel campaign.

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