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Footfall Attribution is a tool designed to help you track your customers’ journeys after an ad exposure. By utilizing geodata, BidMind is able to provide you with daily reports on your customer movements, behavior patterns and many other parameters, such as the day of the week, holidays, and different creative interests.
Precise forecasting

Footfall Attribution benefits:

Measure the effect of your campaigns by tracking your customers’ visits to the store

Optimize your ad spending with granular reporting and behavioral patterns data

Use the largest opt-in consent location data set in the U.S.

Easy to use retargeting to consumers already exposed to your ads

Benefits of working with BidMind
managed service

We are focused on ROI increase

The omnichannel approach means we aim to up customer returns by up to 89%.

Data driven & cross-device targeting

You will advertise in a completely fraud-free environment, provided by our proprietary set of algorithms in collaboration with well-known partners.

Available advertising channels

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