Demand Side Platform

Advertisers use demand-side platforms (DSP) to set a budget, identify their target audience and to place those ads on the platforms that will be most effective in reaching their customers.

What is a demand
side platform (DSP)?

Demand-side platforms represent advertisers while they participate in auctions, provide data and brand safety tools to optimize bidding and targeting. DSP advertising can comfortably manage ads on various platforms through a single interface.

Media buying solutions

Trusted inventory for media-buying

A diverse inventory with numerous premium SSPs and exclusive publishers is avaliable on our programmatic ad platform. Our new supply partners ensure BidMind's traffic quality, win ratio and reduce ad serving discrepancies.

Third Party Audiences

We offer the data tools to buy and manage 3d party audiences. Our partners provide exclusive data segments of the audience, their demographics, interests and behavior for brand performance. Choose the right target audience on the right advertising platform.

Brand Safety Traffic

The platform has teamed-up with Pixalate and DoubleVerify anti-fraud partners to ward off fraudulent ad impressions. This market-leading solution ensures brand safety and identifies any fraudulent user behaviour in real time.

Advanced Targeting & Retargeting

Find your customers with more than 10+ targeting options that involve: geo, time of day, browser, OS, IP, category, etc. Geofencing, cross-device targeting and retargeting campaigns are the hot solutions that reach out to the targeted audience in the selected area and engage with your audience throughout the customer’s journey.

Self serve demand side platform BidMind allows advertisers access to buy trusted inventory from premium supply-side platforms in various environments.

How a DSP works?

DSP advertising platform uses an automated process to purchase digital ad inventory across connected TV, websites, apps, video and audio sources.


Deliver your ad creatives to the relevant
users on in-app, mobile, desktop,
or connected tv.


BidMind's API allows for the use of general bidder functionality without compromising the User Interface.

Reporting API

Access performance reporting on your ad campaigns through a Reporting API.

Management API

Create, manage, and read BidMind's core objects including advertisers, campaigns, placements, creatives via our Management API.

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