CTV/OTT advertising

Сonnected TV advertising
Deliver your message on the big screen

Connected TV video advertising benefits

Perfect for brand awareness

Confers legitimacy of television advertising at a reduced cost.

95% completion rate

Full episode player video content with ads that are non-skippable.

E-commerce friendly

Online payments make it easy for users to engage with an ad and commit to a purchase.

Cross-channel retargeting

Cross-channel retargeting

Remind clients of your offers previously displayed in other channels.

Data-driven targeting

Data-driven targeting

Utilize user preferences, video categories, and view time for advanced targeting.



Allocate your marketing budget based on your business goals with our Media Planner dashboard.

Reports for connected TV advertising platform

Reports for connected TV advertising

Keep an eye on your campaign - feel the pulse of metrics and adjust the campaign settings in real-time.

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