–°onnected TV Advertising

Connected tv ads is a highly-targeted and conversion-optimized capability to customers reach for brands.

Users see ad messages in full-screen which means there is no way for an ad to be overlooked and unnoticed. Viewers are more likely to visit your site and make a purchase after seeing a connected TV ad and you can prove this with precise measurement.

Differing from traditional TV advertising, CTV video ads are shown on connected devices, including smart TVs, set top boxes, and gaming consoles.

Brands and agencies get more impressions from real users with OTT digital advertising.

What is Connected TV advertising?

CTV advertising is where viewers go and advertisers should follow. Create TV-like creatives with in-stream video advertising and offer viewers short promotional messages.

  • Put your brand before new audiences
  • Deliver ads to various audiences globally
  • Memorable promotional messages
  • Millions of shoppers in front of streaming TV at any time
  • Achieved 95%+ completion rate
  • Achieved a Lead to Call Ratio
  • Increase brand awareness

Premium Inventory

We run targeted and highly-engaging ad campaigns for advertisers and media buying agencies in real-time via open auction or PMPs. BidMind has integrations with all leading suppliers of mobile inventory, including MoPub, AdX, Omax, Smaato and more.

Cross-device targeting

Target connected TV audiences across multiple devices with targeting options that include: geofencing, IP, behavior, demographics, time/day, devices etc.

3d party data

Reach your ideal CTV/OTT customer via hypertargeting programmatic solution and the fully integrated LiveRamp, Adstra, Truoptic Data Providers.

Types of Video Ads

Offer viewers short memorable ad messages at different stages of viewing, depending on your goals.


  • displayed before the main piece of content
  • the most memorized ad
  • results in growing sales, as well as brand awareness


  • displayed during the main content
  • TV-like user experience
  • viewers don't feel reluctant to mid-rolls


  • displayed after the main content
  • least distracting as they don't affect a user's viewing experience
  • viewers are most likely to take the desired action after watching a post-roll ad


  • ensures a high view rate for it is displayed when the viewers' eyes are on the screen
  • paying close attention to the message in it
  • don't compete for attention with other devices or types of content

Serving CTV inventory ads to various devices allows you to extend your reach and amplify your message across the customer journey.

  1. 1. Your viewer watched an ad on CTV.
  2. 2. The user visits your site on his laptop within the household.
  3. 3. The user converts on their phone.
  4. 4. The user purchased your product.

Cross device Targeting

Smart TV

Game console



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