Mobile Game Developer Attracts New Players With BidMind

A well-established game developer turned to BidMind to help attract new users for their latest title on iOS and Android


Banner CPM


Video CPM


Video CTR


  • Attract new users.
  • Identify the most engaged and solvent audience willing to commit to in-app purchases.
  • Analyze the application categories with the most engaged players and compile a list of applications for further analysis and subsequent campaigns.
  • Chose audience segments created by our data partners. Those segments included the fans of our client’s game genre and mobile gamers in general.


  1. Purchase placements in the countries where the app had previously generated organic traffic.
  2. Prepare and vetted the creatives of the required sizes and formats.
  3. Upload a list of users who had already installed the game to avoid remarketing.
  4. Compile a list of games whose players might be interested in our client’s titles to show ads in them.
  5. Set lAB category targeting (IAB9-30, Video & Computer Games).
  6. Chose the countries where the game was popular and particularly with active players where the client hadn’t held marketing campaigns.
  7. Optimize placements with different targeting settings to control bids efficiently.
  8. Divide the budget for each country and for each test option.


We received a CPM in the range of $3-6 with the banner ads, depending on the ad type. The most popular banners were animated interstitial creatives. Those banner ads reached a CTR of 4%. Video CPM ranged between $6 and $12. We tested two types of videos, 6 seconds long and 15 seconds long. The 15-second video showed a better result and achieved a CTR of 10-12%. While the video CTR was significantly higher, the placements were also more expensive, making the cost per install somewhat similar between the two ad types.

Smartphone users received 90% of the ad placements, the remaining 10% went to tablet users.

According to our client, ROAS was 17% higher on Android than on iOS due to certain publishers on Android generating a high amount of users who eventually made in-app purchases.

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