Furniture retailer lifts brand engagement and attributed sales

Our company has developed a comprehensive cross-channel strategy to drive visits to our client’s furniture store chain, with a focus on foot traffic attribution. To enable this, we targeted users actively searching and reading about furniture in relevant locations, and have selected advertising channels that provide the most impactful results.


Brand engagement lift


Attributed sales growth


Market saturation in furniture retail drives brands to explore and utilize new strategies to stand out from the competition. It’s also important to maintain reasonable ad costs. When purchasing furniture, customers prefer to see and feel the product physically before making a purchase, which means we needed to emphasize offline purchases.


  1. Drive brand lift
  2. Increase store visits


Prior to the campaign launch, we created a custom audience of users actively searching and reading about furniture in relevant locations based on the client’s ICP parameters and the first-party data on the existing customer base provided by the client. 

The audience was conditionally divided into the categories of individuals and businesses with the following subcategories:

  • young couples 
  • families with children 
  • university students 
  • people who had just moved
  • people with specific needs or interests 
  • retirees

The business category was segmented by the size of the office. We developed a creative strategy with messages targeting the most relevant audience segments within the category. We’ve incorporated a cross-channel strategy with seamless communication at every brand/consumer touchpoint. 

Our experience proves that campaigns with the first brand acquaintance on the big screen produce the best results. Therefore, we launched an audience-based targeted CTV campaign and a geo-targeted DOOH campaign in areas close to the physical stores. After interacting with an ad, users who visited our client’s website or a physical store but did not complete a purchase were retargeted through web and in-app ads. 

We also ran a targeted Digital Audio campaign to interact with all audience’s sensors. Young couples families with children university students people who had just moved people with specific needs or interests retirees


Engaging the combined strength of Connected TV, Audio, DOOH, and other digital advertising channels, activating the existing customer base and boosting campaign impact with retargeting proved to be a winning strategy.

  • With the combined strength of CTV, Audio, DOOH, and other digital advertising channels, we engaged our existing customer base. 
  • Retargeting techniques further boosted the results

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