A Push For Clinical Awareness

BidMind and marketing company CENTRICIA held an ad campaign aimed at raising awareness of clinical trials at a medical research site in Orlando, FL USA


Overall impressions


CTR increase


Recruitment and retention are among the biggest challenges in the clinical research industry. A potential candidate’s decision to join a clinical trial is often complex. Candidates need to consider how much effort it will take to participate in the trial, the chance of a positive outcome, and how the trial may resonate with them on a personal level.

The success of awareness campaigns for clinical trials can be crucial for current and future research, and impact the success of the development of new types of treatment. For many people, participation in clinical studies opens up previously unavailable opportunities to improve their health and make a meaningful contribution to medical science.

The three main obstacles in the way of successful clinical study recruitment we had to overcome were a Lack of awareness, Misconceptions, and Negative perceptions about clinical studies.


  • Increase awareness about clinical studies and generate form fills to learn more about the researched subjects.
  • Maximize trust of the prospective clinical trial participants, which is crucial for further recruitment.
  • Promote the ongoing clinical studies of the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and depression.


With the RCV clinical study, we were reaching out to healthy individuals over 60 years of age with clear creatives that included the following messages:

  • Age requirements
  • The name of the condition under study and its symptoms
  • A brief listing of participation benefits

For our depression study aimed at potential participants aged between 18 and 65 that are suffering from depression, we used shorter messages that simply stated that a clinical research study was taking place and offered a way to learn more. A significant part of the message was inserted in the graphic.

Our strategy for both studies featured 264 cross-device microtargeted segments with BidMind’s GeoNow feature to target cities where the trials took place and their surrounding districts, including specific areas such as colleges (19 geofenced areas in total). 38.4% of ads were shown as native ads, 30.8% as display, 15.4% as audio, and 15.4% of ads reached their CTV audiences.

As the initial targeting parameters were proven successful, a simple secondary retargeting campaign was launched with display and audio ads.


The campaign gained 579K impressions overall. We saw week-over-week increases in impressions and clicks to the landing pages, with a CTR increase of 20% in comparison with other marketing activities related to the trials in question.

The medical research site team noted a “noticeable lift in form fills during the campaign run.” This was the first set of programmatic advertising campaigns for this client, and we plan to track conversions for the website landing page with a tracking pixel further.

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