A Campaign With Measured Footfall Increase

BidMind launched a campaign to increase car dealership footfall performance


Campaign uplift


Campaign uplift


Conversion rate


A regional automotive company ran an out-of-home (OOH) campaign between August and November 2022 to increase the number of visitors to its stores. The advertiser needed to validate the effectiveness of the campaign and understand the impact on footfall across 81 locations in 4 California DMAs.


The company and its advertising partner utilized the Footfall Attribution solution offered by BidMind to gain performance data and general campaign insights.

BidMind’s Footfall Attribution solution unlocked the following campaign metrics:

  • Visit uplift
  • Visit rate
  • Number of Impressions
  • Number of visits
  • Devices reached
  • Distance between OOH ad placement and dealership
  • Impressions per incremental visit 
  • Uplift benchmark comparison 
  • Visit percentage by dealership 
  • Footfall uplift by DMA.


  • Out of the 339k unique devices reached, 2.20% converted. The campaign drove an uplift of 130% — higher than our OOH benchmark of 80-120% uplift of the reported period. 
  • There was a noticeable performance difference between the 4 DMAs. The brand decided to test different creatives to find those that resonated with local audiences. 
  • The company identified its top 10 stores based on the visit ratio out of the 15K verified visits. With an engaged customer base, the company was able to focus its impressions on those dealerships. 
  • 45% of exposed devices traveled over 15 miles from the point of exposure to a store.
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