Recruit staff for the summer camp through advertising


A modern summer camp in the USA for children aged 12-17, with an emphasis on the development of creativity and leadership skills.

The challenge:

Hire active people for the positions of counselors, who will properly cope with the supervision and entertainment of children. For a short period of time for seasonal work, 150 people at once. Previously did not use programmatic advertising to solve recruitment problems, used recruiting sites. Due to the large number of customers this year, it will be difficult to cope with the previous methods.


  • Reduce the cost of hiring counselors
  • Maximize Ad Engagement
  • Run ads to interested people who can quickly get to work

The solution:

The most loyal potential candidates, according to the experience of hiring in past years, were former camp clients from previous years who entered the college. The camp provided the data of its clients for the last 2-4 years in order to target ads to them.

Additionally, we purchased custom classrooms for college students who are nearby and students who came to their hometown for the holidays.

The results:

Launched an advertising campaign in 2 days, using the best practices of past experience, scaling the result. Channels used: web, mobile web.

Our client received an advertising solution to his problem with minimal time and money.

The client closed his hiring needs: in 3 weeks.

Reducing the cost of hiring one specialist: -20%

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Start advertising now with BidMind

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