Omnichannel programmatic
advertising platform

Data-driven customizable ad campaigns

Omnichannel approach

Build and manage advertising campaigns with preferred channels and formats via a single media buying platform.

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Media Planner

Predict your campaign reach.

Plan the potential campaign reach with BidMind’s Media Planner. Quickly set up large-scale and cost-effective campaigns with a unique set of machine learning algorithms for every advertising channel.

Convert digital media investments into real business outcomes


Self service

Launch and manage custom ad campaigns in an intuitive programmatic media buying platform interface.

Managed service

Managed service

Get professional assistance in setting up and optimizing your campaigns.

White label

White label

Become a tech service provider with our white platform branded as your offering.

Programmatic media buying solution

Cutting-edge programmatic advertising capabilities at competitive rates.

Cross-device targeting options

Stay in touch with your audience. Follow your customers on every device. Utilize custom audiences and more.

Fraud shield

Work in a safe environment, provided by our proprietary set of algorithms powered by industry leaders such as DoubleVerify and Pixalate.

Premium data and audiences

Reach your customers with ready-made audience segments. Target by location, demographics, interests, behavior, and other parameters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You are in the right place, even if your team is new to the exciting world of programmatic advertising. Feel free to visit the BidMind Knowledge Base available through the Dashboard. Our Sales team will always be there to help.
With BidMind, you can utilize the omnichannel approach and reach your audience through various media types. Click here to learn more about the omnichannel approach.
The budget depends on your business goals. You can scale as needed.
You can launch your own campaign in less than 10 minutes. Our user-friendly interface and built-in tutorials will help along the way.
You may use your credit card, or we can send you an invoice.

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